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Needless to say, Frank had me pegged and I learned something about myself that changed my life...I peeked again in a few minutes and hed rolled over facing me so there was his dick, right in front of my face.At first, I thought that Brian was getting an erection, but then I realized that it was the thickness of his cock, his length and the way it curved over his tight balls, that gave that impression...

Almost unable to breath, I couldn't resist raising my finger and touching it. And without thinking my lips parted and I took the head in my mouth... Because he hadnt shook it off, as the head slid across my tongue I tasted the vile taste of the beads of piss that cling there.

His name was Brock and there he sat on my couch, barefoot, dressed in kaki cargo pants and a tight blue t-shirt. When its head slid on across my tongue and hit the back of my throat, he put his hand on the back of my head and started working his hips, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth...

Poszlismy do klubu na impreze gdzie ubrana bylam w biala obcisla koszulke z duzym dekoltem i bez stanika by podkreslic swe jedrne piersi rozmiar D... Mężczyźni nie zauważyli Piotra, który przyglądał się chłoście wraz z dwoma menelami w towarzystwie dwóch obleśnych bab, tak wyniszczonych, że trudno było określić czy mają lat 40 czy 60.

Nizej czarna rozkloszowana miniowka ktora z problemami zakrywa moja dosc spora okragla pupe w ktora sie wzynaly czarne koronkowe stringi a na nogach wiadomo wysokie szpile..

Typical teenagers, we were both pretty horny so we eventually took off our pajama bottoms.

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