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At TCA, Buffini said the creators dove deep into researching the brothel life of 18th Century London and inspiration came from a book: , "which was a sort of London guide to whoring that was a best-seller yearly from the 1760s up to the 1800s," she said.Owen said the show set at from the very beginning to tell the story of the female gaze."Prostitutes and brothels are not a new subject.

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But that was very important for us for it to be empowering, to look at these women in a different way -- to see how they looked at the world rather than to see how men looked at them.

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News has your exclusive first look at the show's poster and new trailer, above and below, respectively.

follows Margaret Wells (Morton), a brothel owner struggling to reconcile that role with playing mother to daughters Charlotte (Findlay) and Lucy (Smyth).

Even the characters in the story know it's heading in this direction." As much as it makes us go "Ugh! Everyone knows this is where it's going, and even author George R. Martin has been telling us this is where it was going. We're slowly coming to terms with it, especially if it means Jon and Dany are about to become this dragon-riding power couple, throwing "dracarys" around at all their worst enemies. OK, incest in particular is not what we want, but Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen putting their hotness together in the name of dragons and ruling the realm what we want, and if there has to be incest to get that, we guess that's fine.

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