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'That 'someone' referred to John Ritter, who played the patriarch of the programme's central Hennessy family.Sagal portrayed his wife, the family's voice of reason, Cuoco his eldest daughter, the stock ditzy blonde.

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The reason the writer does is because, “It is very easy to slip something into someone’s drink.” Which is true.

But the idea that men commonly spike unattended drinks with date rape drugs is not.

From everything you’ve told me, she sounds like a wonderful girl.

What the writer means is, when you go out with your friends to a bar or party, no one should get left behind.

That’s a horrible thing to say about another person — sexist, punitive, and demeaning, and another person’s sexuality is none of your business — and I hope you’ll take this as a flag to rethink whatever thought pattern led you there.

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