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EPIC rewrite, Extremely AU (as in changing some of the ideas, a lot of the history and a bunch of the culture). -- Star Wars -- Idea Allanah Tel Ka has lived to see the Galaxy fall into chaos.Don't know if this one will ever get done.-- Star Wars -- Planned Just before Obi-wan and Qui-gon leave to go to the planet of Naboo to negotiate with the Trade Federation, a Jedi no one has ever seen before shows up claiming to be from another universe. Her people's planets have been destroyed, her family scattered, and most of the Galaxy is in ruins.

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It's taken her years to get over that and the fact that her family was killed that night.

Still, they'd found another vessel for Kyuubi, somehow and she was no longer welcome in Konoha. But when a familiar blond shows up and throws her world into chaos, she becomes a force to be reckoned with and the council of Konoha is going to learn that you never come between a Kunoichi and her child--especially one Uzumaki Kushina. Potter's Gang are back for their second year at Hogwarts, and face a dramatic escape, a mysterious diary, a strange cat, a "loony" girl, a hidden monster and many past secrets coming to light.

Danny Phantom, Static Shock, Stargate SG-1, Teen Titans, Kim Possible (later seasons), Most of your Older Disney cartoons (Aladdin, Tail Spin, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck etc...), NCIS, Dr.

Who, Grimm BLEACH, Tri-gun, Rurouni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Baskets, Moribito: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit, Naruto, Shugo Chara, D.

-- Final Fantasy VII -- First Draft Jenova decides enough is enough.

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