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by  |  02-Aug-2017 11:03

You DO remember my Mac-and-Cheese-O-Matic chart from about a year ago, right? I’ve never thought the microwave was the best vehicle for reheating it.Yes, your lunch probably got too hot in there, and the oil separated from the cheese and oozed into that unappetizing puddle.

Do it right, and your oily puddles will be a thing of the past.

With every Smartphone nowadays sporting a front facing camera, video chatting has never been easier.

When the milk gets hot and steamy, add a couple cups of leftover mac and cheese and stir constantly until it incorporates the milk and is heated through.

You could even add a little fresh cheese at the end.

You get a chance to ask questions, we get a chance to answer them, and after an hour, everybody signs off happy. Is that just what happens to mac and cheese, or was it because it got too hot?

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