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Due to the sensitivity of the issue, Suon and his small team had to spend time gaining the trust of locals.“Then the film started to be real when I met Aya,” said Suon.

Much of revolves around the story of Aya, a woman in her early 20s who was trafficked to Malaysia when she was 16 to work as a maid.

Filmmaker, Derek Hammeke, brings to life the brutal and evil world of modern day slavery.

Through three years of filming their post trafficking experiences, Hammeke allows these young women to reveal their stories with dignity.

See more » This isn't a bad documentary, nor is it a great one--a little better than average. But the means of delivering it is overdone with religion and an attempt to proselytize.

I'm happy the people in this film can see themselves as having made something of their lives. But the apparent need to place themselves on a pedestal ruined it for me.

Others return with scars, other forms of trauma and children.

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