Dating a twin

by  |  10-Aug-2017 06:33

Things are supposed to be how they are right now, because the Twin Flame journey is so much more than a romantic love affair or even the love of a lifetime.No matter how long you have been on this journey, things can shift dramatically when you make some necessary inner shifts.

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When you can let go of your (ego) illusion of control and surrender to the Divine plan your soul has scripted for this round on planet Earth, the Divine design for your life will manifest in your physical reality.

This Divine plan includes health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression, which together brings perfect happiness.

But as you do not trust on this Divine plan being there, you feel the need to micromanage your life and the Twin Flame experience.

This brings you out of vibrational alignment to exactly those things you desire the most, including a mutual loving and harmonious union with your Divine counterpart – your Twin Flame.

When exactly the Twin Flame encounter is something that you and your twin planned out together, long before the two of you agreed to meet up in this lifetime.

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