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16, 1995, and was recently profiled in the Tribune.

His brother, Jordan, then 22 months old, also survived.

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When police arrested Williams, she was holding Elijah, who was still alive.

January 22, 2012 Convicted in a horrific triple homicide, Jacqueline Annette Williams wants her case reopened, arguing that she has paid her debt to society for her role in the slaying of an Addison woman whose full-term baby was cut from her womb.

I'm sorry but they have already been tried and sentenced." November 4, 1998 The prosecution in the murder trial of Fedell Caffey rested its case Tuesday after presenting the testimony of a Schaumburg convenience store employee who said Caffey had purchased baby wipes hours after Debra Evans and her daughter were murdered.

Evans, 28, of Addison had been murdered hours earlier, prosecutors say, by attackers who cut a full-term fetus from her womb and kidnapped it.

Fedell Caffey and Jacqueline Williams decided they wanted to have a baby.

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