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Completing the tricky word puzzles often found in the middle of newspapers helps boost attention, reasoning and memory, British experts say.They estimate by taking part in the challenging quizzes adults can stop their brains ageing by 10 years.

Of the 6% of women that replied to a message, the vast majority of these were migrants who had just moved to Ireland.

The chance to meet a native Irish lady through an online dating website is almost zero. They have taken a virtual journey around the world through online dating websites.

Dr Doug Brown, from the Alzheimer’s Society, said: 'We know that keeping an active mind can help to reduce decline in thinking skills.'This new research does reveal a link between word puzzles, like crosswords, and memory and thinking skills, but we can’t say definitively that regular ‘puzzling’ improves these skills.'To be able to say for sure, the crucial next step is to test if there are benefits in people who take up word puzzles.'In the meantime, our top tips to reduce the risk of developing dementia are keeping physically active, avoiding smoking and eating a healthy balanced diet.'The Alzheimer's Society currently recommends adults to do a daily puzzle, such as a crossword, in order to reduce their risk of developing dementia.

The new research was presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in London.

Most studies have focused on those with mild cognitive impairment, who have a one in 10 risk of developing dementia within a year.

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