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Sometimes in the Summer we used to go the a local park, a short walk got us to an area by the lake where clothing was optional.Lee thought nothing at all of peeling down and running around stark naked, and without fail that night she would be all hot to trot. At the lake, she wore her bathing suit, and never took it off. When I asked, she mentioned her tummy was getting a little bulgy, which to me it wasn't, but that is what she said.Of course it pays to be cautious there, because one never knows what might show up.

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Heather showed up right on time, the wife was home and greeted her with a big smile.

Yeah, I know, that is odd all by itself but of course I was quite sure the wife was completely clueless.

I got braver, found one that would come right to the house, which was good.

A couple of sessions and she progressed to taking care of things, by this time I was getting pretty good at letting whoever was working on me know where my interests lay.

But now, she has her own bedroom and I have mine, and like many long term married couples, sex is a rare event and something she seems to be comfortable doing without. 5'2", 103 pounds, back when her body was young and all, she was an eager bed partner.

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