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ATE Agent selection process: The Division seeks to recruit and select applicants for the position of Agent from as broad a field of applicants as is reasonably possible, to ensure that the Division appoints only the most qualified and competent applicants available.The Division shall provide equal opportunity to all qualified applicants and base the selection of applicants on valid, applicable and job-related qualification criteria.

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Any recruit that fails to comply with any Delaware Council on Police Training requirements, academy standards/rules, or Division policy at any time during the academy training program, shall be dismissed from the academy and shall be ineligible for employment as an ATE Agent.

Upon completion of the police academy training program, all new Agents are required to successfully complete a mandatory three (3) month field training program.

The police academy environment is para-military in nature.

The academy is mentally, physically and academically demanding and is purposely designed to eliminate any recruit that does not possess the necessary intelligence, emotional stability and physical stamina that is required to successfully complete the training academy program.

All ATE Agents receive their police academy training at either the Delaware State Police (DSP) academy, located in Dover Delaware, or the New Castle County Police Department (NCCPD) academy, located in Newark Delaware.

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