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The team is comfortable with, and to some degree specializes in, difficult credits, difficult borrowers and difficult situations. The Credit team is very focused on properly pricing, structuring, collateralizing, monitoring and, if necessary, litigating to maximize the value of credit investments. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Dakolias is the Co-Chief Investment Officer of the Credit Funds at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Dakolias is also a member of the Management Committee of Fortress. Dakolias was a managing director, Chief Credit Officer and co-founder of American Commercial Capital LLC and Coronado Advisors, which were sold to Wells Fargo Bank NA in 2001. Dakolias was previously a director at RER Financial Group ("RER") where he was responsible for the firm's acquisition efforts as a principal and as a provider of third party due diligence and asset management.

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The team’s credit experience extends across all of our investment groups (ABS & Residential Assets, Corporate & Asset Based Loans, Corporate Securities, Portfolio Acquisitions, Real Estate Loans & Equity) creating valuable cross-class expertise.

The Credit team’s deep, long term history as active credit investors through various types of investment environments has created a process and discipline which set the team apart from market participants who have only recently become interested in credit opportunities as a result of disruptions in global markets.

The Portfolio Acquisitions team invests in portfolios of performing and non-performing loans and assets in a variety of industries acquired from sellers including governmental organizations, banks and other financial organizations.

The team is an active buyer of illiquid portfolios and has the ability to transact in size and on an expedited timeframe.

The team also acts as a third party manager for large, liquidating, asset portfolios that involve organizational and asset-level complexity.

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