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dimension: One bedroom: 376 ft² / 35m² including veranda (64 ft² /6 m²) Located on the upper deck, and offering spectacular sunset views, the Superior Veranda Suite has all the comforts and luxury that you can expect aboard.

A comfortable living space, attention to detail and a generous expanse of amenities, this stunning suite makes for a cosy home while on the seas.

La Coruña was already considered an important port under the Romans.

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Located lower bow, the Panorama offers all the comfort and attention to detail that you can expect aboard.

The seating area of the Panorama Suite has plenty of room to relax, while large picture windows frame panoramic ocean views.

Time in Bilbao (Bilbo, in Euskera) may be recorded as BG or AG (Before Guggenheim or After Guggenheim).

Never has a single monument of art and architecture so radically changed a city.

In the oldest neighborhoods, stepped alleys whose street pattern dates back to Moorish times are lined with pastel-color houses decked with laundry; here and there, miradouros (vantage points) afford spectacular river or city views.

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