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Florida's ranchers are comitted to conservation of the states natural resources.Cattle producers provide jobs for state residents and support a wide variety of businesses such as feed companies, equipment dealers and fertilizer manufacturers.

We can keep around 20 head in the barn, more if we really had to.

I like the loafing area for newborns, once they are all mothered up, we can put several pair there.

And yeah, if I discovered I was the beneficiary of a long-lost cousin's estate to the tune of $22mil, I wouldn't waste a lot of time crying a river about paying a small bit of it in taxes. Calf weight at birth by mpassmore85 (Posted Fri, GMT 5)ALACOWMAN wrote:mpassmore85 wrote: Brahmans don? Calves all weaned over 700 and she lets everything else steal off her.

t have much for heart when it comes to calving or sport not surprising really. ve had to pull 50-60 pound calves off the couple Brahman crosses I have don't even sound close to right,,did they have heads like wash tubs.come sideways??? And first 2 calves were from a yearling longhorn bull lol Does anybody still use one of these hay balers/stackers?

Much the same as the shopping mall Santa, the Donkey Man is a seasonal ornament. CALF CATCHERS ALLOW PRODUCERS TO SAFELY PROCESS CALVES Recent census data has reported the average age of the American rancher today is over 55.

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