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by  |  08-Sep-2017 14:31

Previously I did not allow men to share or comment on this website because I wanted a private venue for women, like myself, to find support and resources.

Recently I have received so many e-mails from men who have discovered that their wives or partners are Sex Addicts.

I scoured these sites for married women looking to cheat, but all I found were dozens of 20-somethings looking for their first shot at love.

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To be honest, I was looking to fulfill some of my life-long fantasies as well.

As a teen, I had always fantasized about winning over older women, whether they were schoolteachers or my friends’ mothers.

The quest I set out on was as old as time itself; I was married but looking for an affair.

Yes, my wife was still a presence in my life, but I was fundamentally unfulfilled.

I signed up with a bunch of big-name dating sites, listing all of my information and posting some high-quality pictures of myself.

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