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by  |  29-Sep-2017 21:41

A shirtless, attractive new roommate who happened to be watching (you guessed it!

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This naivety (which elicited an “Oh my god, that’s so adorable” from one friend, and a “Have you ever met people before??

” from another) is precisely why I had no qualms about firing off a three word missive — “Netflix and chill?

But judging by the reactions I received, no one else labored under the false delusions that I did.

Men, for all their bravado of how easy it is to hookup these days, are overwhelmingly terrified by the idea of being propositioned simply for sex.

Sure I’ve knocked back enough whiskey, PBR, red wine spritzers, and tequila shots on dates both good and bad to all but ensure my liver will fail before I end up walking down the aisle.

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