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Elok-elok aku dok baca komen kat blog, dok reply komen, tau-tau dah down pulak. She came back fetched by her father early Sunday morning first week of Ramadhan, just before sahur time. She was quite plump when we sent her to college, but now due to the pressure of study, she loose some weight.

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And then after we’re finished here, we’ll go on to Fort Carson and then finish the day up and go back to Washington.

My wife, Lilibet, is with me here on this trip, as she was last week at STRATCOM, and she has been visiting a lot of the facilities that we have for the welfare of our families and our troops, our sexual assault prevention offices, but all of our offices that really focus on our — our men and women and their families and their well-being, which is essential to a strong force, because it is the people that are the core of any institution.

It’s a pleasure for me today at this strategic location to welcome my boss, the secretary of defense, the Honorable Chuck Hagel.

During his two-day visit, we’ve briefed him on critical NORAD-NORTHCOM missions of homeland defense, defense support to civil authorities, and security cooperation with our trusted partners in North America. And to all of you, thanks for coming out this morning.

They bathe together, she would be sleeping on her lap in between the terawih prayers etc.

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