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A Qantas spokesperson said: “We are seeing really strong bookings, particularly a lot of interest in our historic inaugural flights – there are no seats left in the Business and Premium Economy cabins for the first flight but there is still about half the seats left in Economy." For a flight to Australia to fill almost a year ahead is unprecedented.The airline said: "Most people usually start to plan their trips about six months ahead.” Bookings for the first non-stop flight from Australia on 24 March 2018 are equally heavy.

Qantas says fares for the London-Perth non-stop are “expected to drop below £900 return during deal periods”. The outbound flight, assisted by the jet stream, will cover the ground in 15 hours, 45 minutes – arriving at 1.15pm the following day.

The inbound service takes over two-and-a-half hours longer because of the prevailing headwinds; it will leave Perth at 6.50pm and, after a very long night, disturb the slumbers of west London residents by touching down at 5am, arriving 10 minutes later at Terminal 3.

Qantas has announced the schedule and fares for the its new non-stop link from London to Perth in Western Australia.

Passengers are being asked for a substantial premium for the privilege of a faster journey.

It’s the kind of route that the Dreamliner was created for, because of its built-in features to reduce jetlag and improve the overall travel experience.

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