23 alternative dating - Preprogrammed disposable cell phone dating service

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You get peace of mind knowing they have a way to call you should they need to, and that you can call them when necessary.Perhaps you have a sideline business, or have just started a new business, and you do not want to have random people calling your primary phone.It is much easier to just get a different burner phone than it is to change your primary phone number.

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A burner phone, also known as a disposable phone, is quite literally just any phone that you buy for one purpose and then throw away.

Many people may balk at the idea of throwing away a device, any device, that costs as much as a phone.

The term "burn" phone or burner phone has been popularized on television for being an easy phone to use for criminal activity.

The actual purpose of a "burn" phone is to use it until the number becomes too recognizable, or "burned", and then "wipe" it and dispose of it.

Wipe or remove the memory card when you are done, and reset the phone to its original defaults.

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