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More than that, it shows wisdom and understanding to know when you shouldn't be in a relationship (Yes, I just called myself wise). I'm not going to shy away from the fact or pretend otherwise to make everyone else feel better about themselves. This isn't to say you should break things off if the time isn't right — sometimes it's wiser to figure out a way to keep the relationship alive, even when you don't believe you can make it work.

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A lady from work just retired, and sent out a mass email on her last day. You don’t have to be the best, but it should be obvious to your employer that you’re hard-working and competent.

One line struck me: “I’ve been working for 45 straight years, and now I’m done.” you do which, of course, includes work.

I was in conversation with a friend recently who said that contentment is a good sign for Christian singles. It’s a good sign, and one that’s found out from asking the right questions. Lots of single Christians have elevated marriage above God, thinking that sex and date nights and romantic love will give you only what God can. Only God can satisfy the deepest desires of your heart. And a discipline of regular time with God is key to joy and usefulness. I love your desire to be married, have kids, and live happily ever after. Singleness might be a waiting season, but it doesn’t need to be a wasted season. Maybe even get with other singles and have a group discussion.

In fact, there’s several diagnostic questions to ask that’ll tell you just how well your singleness is going. Paul tells us that he learned to be content in to you. But for the ones that do, ask your married Christian friends to speak into your life. As Paul Washer says, “Spiritual strength is not a mystery, but is directly related to our devotion to the Word and prayer.”“The church is like Noah’s ark. But once you leave, you’ll drown.”Not sure who said this, and I’m not a huge fan of the quote, but you get the gist: you need the church. Ask yourself these questions with a sober heart to find out how you’re doing. I’m sure a dialogue about this will help any single Christian.

You should only get into a relationship if you've figured out the secret to being happy when you're alone.

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