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HE MIGHT ASK YOU WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT OTHER GUYS – He’s trying to find out if you like anyone. HE MAY TOUCH YOU SUBTLY – A hand on your arm, an extra hug, a pat on your back, a grab of your shoulders, tickling? WATCH HIS BODY LANGUAGE – Just watch his body language, if a guy likes you, it’d be all round obvious! HE WILL SENDS FLIRTY/LENGTHY TEXTS – Long and extra nice texts?

As the only mobile network in Kenya (still) with 3G data, this is expected to be the case for at least another couple of months until such time both Zain Kenya (soon to become Airtel Kenya) and Orange Kenya get their 3G offerings to market.

Incidentally, Orange Kenya’s EVDO powered 3G Internet service is quite decent and their bundles give almost double the data for the the same price of what you would pay Safaricom for their 3G bundles – however, the big caveat is that its not always as fast (or as reliable) as experience has shown (at least in my case that is). It recently came to my attention that Safaricom has been rolling out uncapped WIMAX Internet services in Nairobi.

Aeronautical engineers improve flight safety & fuel efficiency, develop control systems, analyze new materials and use advanced technologies to meet customer needs and reduce the environmental impact of air commute.

Coming to the next question, scope of aeronautical engineering in India.

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