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I worried a bit because we were heading for a foreign country. NARRATOR: Turkey has become one of the largest markets for women trafficked from Ukraine and the old Soviet Bloc.

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And that’s what brought us ultimately to Odessa.

NARRATOR: Frustrated with an inability to chase the traffickers overseas, the Ukrainian secret service has given us a tip about a suspected sex trader who regularly brings girls through here.

Women are lured to the port of Odessa from all over the struggling countries of Eastern Europe with promises of badly-needed work abroad.

Many are unaware of what the traffickers have in store. RIC ESTHER BIENSTOCK, Producer: We knew if we wanted to get inside the story that we had to be in a place where it was so prevalent that everybody would have an example or know people who were trafficked.

NARRATOR: We watched as Olga settled the girls in for the trip across the Black Sea.

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