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They might say it is a money order for their scholarship or an employer’s paycheck.

Some of the scammers would just contact you, stating that they made a mistake and overpaid you. The scammer sent you a check or money order that looks genuine, but it’s actually counterfeit.

I unsuspectingly replied to these fraudulent e-mails thinking they were legitimate roommates, but after several exchanges, my gut instincts told me better.

How the Scam Works The scammers or purported roommates make initial contact with you, stating that they are interested in renting your room, but cannot visit because they are overseas or have a tight time constraint and can’t make the time.

The scammer insists they are easy going and would like to move. They might be a medical school or college student, or perhaps starting a new computer or modeling job, and they might even be arriving with their parents.

Sex chat rooms for free nothing needed no credit card or registration

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