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It is virtually impossible to feel shy if you “act” outgoing.Shyness can affect anyone, no matter what their outward appearance resembles. has developed his unique approach to weight loss featured at The Park Avenue Diet Center after decades of experience in internal medicine, emergency medicine and nutrition. Fischer is sought by the media as a resource specializing in providing clear explanations of complex medical information.

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At first, his nervousness was obvious, reflected in hesitating speech and tense “body-language”.

But after multiple failed attempts at conversation, he became noticeably more relaxed because he had proved to himself that nothing awful or disastrous happened as a result of his talking with women he didn’t know.

“Channel” their physicality when speaking to correct any negatives you learned about yourself in the first exercise. Decide on an Alter-ego: Although designed by psychologists, this seems closer to a theatrical performance-many famous actors have invented an “alter ego” who is anything but shy, and you can too.

Let that alter ego take the form of an actor like George Clooney, John Wayne, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga, or another favorite.

Don’t try to look, sound, or dress like them-just interact as if you were them.

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