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By revealing that truth that Lu Kim doesn’t exist not only explains his random appearance in the town so many years ago, but it’s also written in a way where what’s more troubling isn’t the reveal, but the fact that the townspeople are willing to accept Janus’s second, delicious personality.

They allow him to continue living a mentally injurious lie in order to eat well. There’s still one episode left in the spring run of this season, and then another seven before the season is over.

Outside ' City Wok' is styled in a traditional Chinese decor and inside there are two partitions.

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offers a side-quest in which the player must get rid of the Mongolians from the . The town of South Park is becoming a whole lot nicer, and Kenny's family — often noted as the poorest — may not be a part of the plan.

In the third episode of season 19 titled "The City Part of Town," South Park will be "rewarded for the great strides it’s made in becoming more up-to-date," according to Comedy Central.

2778 Mala Vista Drive City Wok is a Chinese restaurant and small commercial airline.

It's run by and was first seen in the episode, "".

Their star (and only) client is Tuong Lu Kim’s wife, Wing, a delicate older woman who sings the kind of music you hear with flutes and chimes in Asian restaurants.

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