Validating the results of a route choice simulator kontaktanzeigen ohne anmeldung Essen

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For such machines, the number of states really seem like an intrinsic measure of complexity, because the complexity can’t be shoehorned anywhere else.One can also phrase what we’re asking in terms of the infamous Busy Beaver function.

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So for example, such a program could simply enumerate all the possible consequences of the ZFC axioms, one after another, and halt if it ever found a contradiction (e.g., a proof of 1 1=3).

Assuming ZFC is consistent, this program must run forever.

Or are there super-short programs that exhibit “Gödelian behavior”?

Theoretical computer scientists might object that this is “merely a question of constants.” Well yes, OK, but the origin of life in our universe—a not entirely unrelated puzzle—is also “merely a question of constants”!

OK, but we can now ask a quantitative question: values of the BB function is it possible for us to know?

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