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When the user clicks the Delete link for a row, the handler for the event checks the last name of the person displayed in the row that the user is trying to delete.

If the last name is "Beaver", the delete operation is canceled, and an error message is displayed.

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For information about how to set up the Adventure Works LT database, see How to: Set Up an Adventure Works LT Sample Database for ASP.

event is raised when a row's Edit button is clicked, but before the Grid View control enters edit mode.

When a Customer Address row is deleted, the corresponding Grid View row disappears.

Referential integrity constraints would make the code for an example that actually deletes rows from the Customer table more complex.

Should i have to deply any other files and if not what can be the solution for this? Thanks, So...converting to from c#offered me some sample code when I signed up with them the only problem is the sample code is in c#but my page that they type all of their credit card into is void Page_Load(Object Src, Event Args E) private String read Html Page(string url) { ..net vs c#vs j#just out of curiousity which looks, acts most like java? Mike Schellenberger - MCAD If you are looking for language similar to java go for J#.

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