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His first thoughts, actually, are of headlines and rumours -- imagine if he and Anna did this!-- but then he feels her wedding ring pressing into his finger and he relaxes. He's never really enjoyed these things -- though they're not as bad as interviews -- and he'd told her so beforehand. Boys -- only one thing on their minds."They sip tea in her hotel room later, talking a little awkwardly about their only real common ground. I'm just a person who occasionally gets asked to be in films."He talks a bit more, babbling really. Instead, he just lunges forward, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his lips to hers as if he's done it a hundred times before. Ben When Will meets Ben, he falls harder for him than he has for anyone in his whole life, and it confuses the hell out of him.He shrugs, mumbles something about being glad it's over, and she places her hands on his waist. He tells her how incredible it was to work with such an amazing actress in his first proper film, and she laughs at him."Oh, you are sweet," she smiles, shaking her head. He has no idea what he's even saying, because all he can think about is the fact that they're alone in a hotel room together, sitting on a bed. He doesn't even know why, maybe just because she's so amazing, and knowing that she's thinking of him that way has made his brain stop working. He doesn't even understand right away, all he knows is that when Ben's around he can't stop talking, and he gets all shaky and clumsy and, well, throws orange juice everywhere.

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It was the pressure, probably, and the worst part of it is that the pressure follows them around, in the form of questions in interviews and suggestions from fans, and there are really only so many times one can say 'we're like brother and sister'.

It's okay, of course, because they still love each other and she's still one of his best friends, but that kiss -- that kiss fractured something.

Anna says he's just jealous that Will's spending more time with Ben than him, and Will accepts this, too wrapped up in Ben to give it much more thought.

It explains, as well, why Skandar is avoiding Ben, too, which in turn explains why Ben seems not to like him so much.

Will jerks at the touch, and then laughs at himself. Ben just says, "I think I do," and Will wraps his arms around him tightly, holding him close. It never gets particularly serious -- just slipping off to each other's trailers at first, then into each other's hotel rooms. A bit of a tease, sometimes a little detached when they're around everyone else, but otherwise perfect.

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