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Many Scandinavians are living at The Village and along its main soi are some small bars/snack bars, The Blue Lagoon being the last one, on the left-hand side at the end of this main soi. Live Music, dancing, cheap drinks, Air-conditioned for comfort, friendly staff. Bring your girlfriend, show her a good time, or come alone and meet new friends..

In front of The Blue Lagoon is a mini swimming pool and the inside of the bar is dominated by a stuffed deer head at the wall. You want to get up and dance to the music, great, get up and just do it.

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Imported Fosters & Victoria Bitter are available Driving on Third Road I suddenly decided to park and have a look at Buffalo Bar .

The place was deserted with not even a handful of older uninterested girls and even fewer customers.

The Blue Lagoon is Swedish owned and outside three Swedes including the owner and one Norwegian were drinking shots of dum-dum (a dark mixture smelling like aniseed kept in a Coca Cola bottle in the fridge and probably containing ouzo or pastis and Kahlua; think of dum = black). Boomerang Bar is Opposite Nirum Condominiums, Soi 1 Pattaya Klang Boomerang Bar, home of Live Music, the best in town, just come along and bloody enjoy yourself, you'll come back.

The only girl I have seen and talked to was the 39-year old cashier from Ubon. The popular Aussie bar on 3rd Road near the Buffalo bar has been closed for a week.

The music is brilliant, from a time prior to the advent of house/trance/techno/hip hop.

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